Best Marijuana Vacation Spots

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Marijuana vacation in Jamaica
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Can’t wait to get back to travelling? Try something new this year with a marijuana vacation that’s focused on enjoying Mary Jane in all her potent, pungent glory. Cannabis tourism is all the rage and the destination you choose will make all the difference. Be sure to research local marijuana laws, things to do, and the availability of 420 Airbnbs and hotels in the area prior to getting those tickets. This list is just a few of the top marijuana vacation spots to get you started.

Best Marijuana Vacation Spots

Denver, Colorado

As one of the epicenters of pot culture, it’s no surprise that Colorado heads the list of the best marijuana vacation spots. Denver is filled with a variety of high quality dispensaries in addition to cannabis tours and activities like 420 city tours, cannabis infused dinners, a concentrates and terpenes tour, and pot farm tours. Don’t miss out on the obscure International Church of Cannabis, which is the headquarters of a new religion called Elevationism, whose followers believe in the spiritual benefits of cannabis. The capital city is also home to top-notch museums and is a great jumping off point to visit some of the best ski resorts in the U.S. It’s also very easy to find 420-friendly hotels in Denver. Unlike most places, even a few well-known hotel chains like Crowne Plaza allow visitors to smoke marijuana.

Montevideo, Uruguay

The small South American country of Uruguay quietly legalized cannabis for citizens in 2014, making history as the first country in the world to do so. While locals can use, cultivate, purchase, and possess cannabis without worry, visitors aren’t allowed to do so, but that is about to change. In the beginning, the local government was not interested in growing cannabis tourism in the country, but Uruguay officials hope that broadening legalization to include tourists will help shut down the cannabis black market completely. Until the law is passed, tourists can easily procure the goods by asking a local. Cannabis is sold in pharmacies throughout the country under two names, alpha (indica) and beta (sativa). Since it is still the only country in the world to fully legalize cannabis, Uruguay is a dream destination for ganja lovers who are looking for something new. Sign up for a cannabis tour, visit the Montevideo Cannabis Museum, and stay at a 420 hotel like the budget-friendly Santa Maria 420 Hostel or the Goma Kush private residence that’s just $100 and up (including cannabis).

Coachella Valley, California

Typically known for golfing, its annual music festivals, and mid-century modern homes, cannabis isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Coachella Valley and its main cities of Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, and Cathedral City. The Southern California valley is a mecca for pot lovers with one of the highest ratios of dispensaries per person in the entire state! Coupled with a buzzing arts and culture scene, it’s no wonder stoners skip the snow and spend their winter getaways in the sunny Coachella Valley (preferably with a blunt in hand). The region houses a number of 420 hotels, bud and breakfasts, and quite a few 420-friendly wellness retreats for ultimate relaxation. Light up before heading to Joshua Tree National Park for excellent hiking and stargazing.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It’s impossible to have a list of the best marijuana vacation spots without mentioning the original cannabis tourism destination, Amsterdam. While the U.S. was fighting the “war on drugs,” Netherlands officials were decriminalizing pot and opening the first coffeeshops where cannabis could be sold legally. The capital city continues to be a stoner paradise with its old world charm and a variety of things to do and see. From coffeeshop tours, 420-friendly hotels, and biking along the canals, to visiting an art museum or hitting the city’s bustling underground music scene, Amsterdam has lots to offer. Not to mention it’s just a short train ride or flight from other popular tourist destinations like Paris, London, Brussels, and Cologne. Stay at the pot-friendly Bulldog Hotel, which also has its own coffeeshop and cafĂ©.

Negril, Jamaica

There may only be three legal dispensaries in Jamaica, but no one will say anything to you since it’s legal to carry up to two ounces. Despite what most people think because of Rastafarianism and pop culture, marijuana is not legal in Jamaica, though it was decriminalized in 2015 (fines for smoking in public are just $5 USD). Visitors with medical marijuana (MMJ) cards from a foreign country can get a Health Ministry permit to acquire legal pot during their stay, but it’s very easy to buy ganja near resort areas (though do so at your own discretion). Choose from one of the many weed-friendly hotels in Negril and spend the day laying out on the beach with a doobie and a cocktail.

Other top marijuana vacation spots to consider:

  • Alaska
  • Portland, Oregon
  • The Bay or Los Angeles, California
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Washington DC
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Seattle, Washington

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