Best Nostalgia Playlists on Spotify for Stoners

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When you hear the words nostalgic playlist, the mind immediately shifts to the past and hopefully comforting memories start to fill your Mary Jane brain. There’s no better feeling than smoking a joint and getting high with a fire playlist on deck, the vibes are truly unmatched. Now, not everyone has the same music taste but as fellow stoners we can appreciate all genres that come our way. While each of us has our favorite go to playlists, who doesn’t love a little music nostalgia? Here’s the best nostalgia playlists on Spotify for stoners, no matter what kind of music you’re into. We got you!

Best stoner playlists for everyone on Spotify

We have to start off with paying tribute to the OG stoners, and we’re not talking about entertainers like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. The best stoner playlists for everyone has hits dating back all the way through the 70’s, like Rick James’ Mary Jane, talking about his extreme love for ganja and how she can’t be tied down she likes to spread her love around. Or skip to Bob Dylan’s Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - or not if you don’t want to have “everyone must get stoned” stuck in your head on repeat. Probably one of the best tracks included on this playlist is Muddy Waters’ Champagne & Reefer, the “father of modern Chicago blues” delivers all the nostalgic vibes so you might want to light some candles and take some bong rips while soaking in a nice hot bath when listening to this. 

60s - 70s Stoner/Psychedelic Rock playlist on Spotify

If you are more of an old soul and need some serious nostalgia, the 60s - 70s Stoner/Psychedelic Rock playlist is the vibe for you. As the playlist description says, this era was filled with a lot of drugs and well beyond marijuana, but the creative explosion from it and the incredible music that was produced during that time is something that is still heavily appreciated to this day. Fair warning, there is a lot of Jimi Hendrix and Grateful Dead in this playlist but if you’re a true fan of these decades it will be the perfect mix for you. 

90s Stoner Music playlist on Spotify

The 90’s kids are very loud and proud about their decade and for good reason because the musical vibe of the 1990’s is one that has influenced every generation after it. There’s the smooth R&B vibes and baby making music we know and love, and then there’s the stoner side of the 90’s that is the icing on the cake. This 90s Stoner Music playlist has a classic mix of Sublime, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt!? You won’t regret adding this playlist to your favorite songs and it’s a few hours long too so you can enjoy that king size joint you’ve been saving for a rainy day.

2000s Emo Rock Playlist on Spotify

The 2000’s were…an interesting time, where the Y2K paranoia started the decade off on an awkward note, to 9/11 that changed the course of history, to the rise of technology and the creation of MySpace. The 2000s Emo Rock playlist is for the ones that truly mess with this era, like stoner ride or dies for Britney Spears when she shaved her head in ‘07 and is finally making a comeback with a rise to freedom. This one is for the ones that want to kick it back to their high school bedrooms playing emo music pretending to be anywhere but where they are. 

It would be highly disrespectful to mention Ms Spears and not shamelessly promote her music and her recently acquired independence. If you lived through the late 90’s and 2000s you are probably a Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys fan at the very least, and we’re here to bring back the Oops I Did It Again vibes that you were proudly singing at the top of your lungs as an innocent child probably not knowing what you were even singing at the time. Here’s an acclection of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, *NSYNC playlist on Spotify that you have no other option but to sing at the top of your lungs as your now adult self - you are not above this, especially after a nice joint!

Best throwback playlists on Spotify for stoners

A stoner’s only job is to get really high and enjoy the vibes, so with playlists that can set the perfect mood for any smoke session you are set for a few kickbacks without stressing over the playlist selection. Nostalgia is a feeling that makes one feel nice and warm inside. Pair with some weed, maybe some wine? You are in for a night, and we love that for you. Before you get comfortable and cozy with your new favorite playlists, did you grab all of your weed rolling essentials? Between stocking up on the smoke supplies, the weed you’ve got your hands full - you’re welcome for the fire song selections! Told you we got you covered. 

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