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Mighty Vaporizer Review

June 18, 2021 4 min read

Mighty Vape

As it is nearing seven years of the Storz & Bickel Mighty Vape debuting back in late 2014, you have to wonder why a now veteran vape device is still the talk of the town. Living up to its full name, the Mighty Vape is one of the top contenders consistently throughout the years because of how well it operates along with its longevity. Learn more with a full Mighty Vaporizer review and if it is worth splurging the extra cash on this portable vape. 

Mighty Vaporizer review

The Storz & Bickel Mighty Vape is a six-inch beast that almost looks like a walkie-talkie but is so much cooler. This pocket-sized portable vaporizer packs a punch and delivers quality hits every single time. There are a few things that make the Mighty Vaporizer a top choice in the portable vape department year after year and you’ll start to understand why it is a beloved device amongst the heavy vapers. 

Mighty Vape hybrid heating

With most portable vaporizers each device will feature convection or conduction heating, however Storz & Bickel landed a balance of hybrid heating to extract anything in the oven as quickly as possible so although there are fewer hits per bowl, each hit is top quality and nothing but the best. Many times vaporizers can overextend the longevity of a bowl and the potency of your weed will not be as much as the first few hits. The Mighty Vape delivers every time and that’s why many consider it a luxury option because of the fantastic hits they consistently take resulting in a better high.

Long lasting battery

While the Mighty Vape takes about two hours to fully charge from a dead battery, occasional users can go weeks without having to charge while heavy users only have to juice up maybe every few days. The beauty of the Mighty Vaporizer is passthrough charging so if you’re one of those that always forget to charge prior to toking, you can vape while it is charging without having to wait. Let’s face it, we are all that person at some point where we forget to plug in but now the backup technology will save you in a sticky situation. 

German craftsmanship with medical build

The Mighty Vape might look like a power tool more so than a medical build vaporizer that is discreet, but indeed this high quality portable vape is so much more than meets the eye. What most love about Storz & Bickel is the extensive lengths of constant testing to make sure each of their devices are reputable and made with efficiency while maintaining longevity. With a medical build from german craftsmanship this portable vape is discreet and durable enough to throw in your bag without having to think twice about mishandling. 

Simple to use portable vape

The Mighty Vaporizer cuts out all the gimmicks and leaves the functions on the front panel with no mistaking which buttons are for which functions. All controls and information are on the front panel along with triangle buttons that control the temperature. On the side you’ll find the power button to conveniently turn on and off, and feel free to monitor your device’s battery level with an easy read of how much juice you have left to vape the night away. 

Mighty Vape holds both herb and concentrates

If you are a stoner that likes to do both dry herb and concentrates, the Mighty Vape makes an even bigger selling point because it can accommodate that! Condense your stoner accessory collection and find yourself only grabbing the Mighty Vape for all of your smoke sessions. 

Slow heat up time

The Mighty Vape is a bit slower in heat up time compared to more recent portable vape models, where it’ll take around one to two minutes depending on the temperature it is set to reach. While more recent portable vapes heat up in half that time, the Mighty Vape does have its perks and definitely worth the wait. With a handy meter that shows exactly which temperature it is at, once the Mighty Vape hits its set temperature the hits are flowing and the two-minute wait will be nothing but an afterthought. The MIghty Vape does an incredible job showing an accurate temperature including the fluctuations of a portable vaporizer as you are using it, so it’s safe to say you can trust what you see and that should give all stoners a peace of mind.

Mighty Vape warranty

Storz & Bickel offers a two-year warranty on the Mighty Vape and shows that the company really stands by its products and the longevity of its build and testing. If something happens to your device within the two years of owning it, Storz & Bickel is known for excellent customer service so make sure when buying this device you register directly with Storz & Bickel to take care of this. As an adult stoner consider it like following up with filing for insurance as it could definitely help you in the long run!

Overall Mighty Vape thoughts

Users love the Storz & Bickel Mighty Vape because of its reliability, consistently strong hits and the longevity of the portable vape device. With a hybrid heating setup, two lithium batteries that hold a strong charge you will be able to discreetly toke for days without having to worry about juicing up. With an easy LED display you’ll always be in the know when it comes to your Mighty Vape and what it needs. You can find the Mighty Vaporizer for sale in our online smoke shop a steal on tons of other smoking accessories as well. 

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