Best Big Bongs for 420

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best 420 water bongs
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Are you in the market to upgrade your water bong setup but need some guidance? With so many water pipes to choose from these days, it can be easy to want to grab the first one you see but it is important when you buy a bong online to understand all aspects of your piece so you know what you’re getting into. If you’re aiming to go big or go home, here are the best big bongs for 420 that you must shuffle into your rotation. It’s time to put your big boy pants on, these huge bongs will take you on a crazy ride!

Grav Large Gravitron - 16 inches

grav water pipe

Find your higher self with the Grav Large Gravitron, a 16-inch big bong that exudes stoner luxury at its finest. This is also the world’s first gravity smoking system to be made entirely of glass. So how do you properly use this bad boy? Just fill up some water to fill up to just under the Gravitron decal. Rest the bottle inside as you light up the bowl, then slowly lift up the bottle and watch smoke fill. To inhale, remove the bowl which will reveal a mouthpiece - breathe in as you push the bottle down, this will push up the smoke and yield a strong hit every time! This might take you back to the college days of gravity bongs in the kitchen sink, except this is the upgrade you never knew you needed.

The Ghost Rider Bong - 16 inches

ghost rider bong

Let’s take a ride with The Ghost Rider Bong, an immaculate 16-inch huge bong that hits as hard as it looks but is incredibly easy to clean. Made of high quality borosilicate glass, each hit delivers smooth hits from multiple percolators like an inline perc and tree perc. Light up the funnel shaped bowl and watch each hit get filtered through before taking a massive inhale. The only question is, can you take it all in one hit? We dare you to try. Remember, “if you don’t make a choice, the choice makes you."

2 Bowl Trophy Bong - 19 inches

2 bowl trophy bong

Double up your stoner level a few notches with the 2 Bowl Trophy Bong, a 19-inch big bong that includes two glass bowls to deliver twice as much fun and send you straight to the moon in no time. Featuring a jellyfish and honeycomb percolator, with a built-in splashguard never worry about making a mess so you can focus on lighting up both bowls at the same time. Choose between two colors and set your vibe, you’ll be rocking with this huge bong for a while the hits are way too good to pass up. The little voice in your head is definitely loud whispering to treat yourself right now!

Balancing Cone Bong - 17 inches

balancing cone bong

Are you looking for an epic show for your next 420 smoke session? The Balancing Cone Bong is 17 inches of a head turning design that is meant for stoners to reach maximum heights. This water bong filters hits through a donut perc and a radial spring percolator, followed by dual ice catchers and built-in splash guard to cool each hit to your liking. Choose from different colors and watch each hit wow you every single time. With a flat and sturdy base, set this down and go to town, it might just be one of the best big bongs you smoke out of! 

Tall AF Bong - 30 inches

tall AF bong

The master of all big bongs is the Tall AF Bong, a 30-inch beauty that definitely needs its own space to thrive and put on a show. This colossal beaker-style bong is made of hand blown swirling colored glass that will trip you out with each inhale. Don’t stress with easy cleaning and a removable downstem, you’ll probably need an extra pair of hands to remove the bowl so you can properly take a big bong hit. Your head will be in the clouds so we suggest you keep the munchies close by, this huge bong does not mess around!

The best big bongs for 420 might seem intimidating but if you are ready to take that next step the above list will get you started on a journey you won’t regret. Each bong is made for the ideal stoner to reach different levels of high. Huge bongs are usually for special occasions but are now available for everyday use so why not take advantage and get the best of the best! And make sure when you buy a bong online to grab your other $4.20 store steals so you are always stocked and ready for all the 420 shenanigans. 

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