7 Ways To Stay Connected During Coronavirus

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We’re transitioning into a new way of living, at least for now during self-quarantine and the need to isolate from others. COVID-19 has stormed through our social lives like a ton of bricks and with everyone trapped indoors, it’s hard not to reminisce on the good old days. Going out to bars, dancing in a packed crowd at concerts, or even just a quick coffee with a friend seems like something we won’t be doing in the near future. While we #stayhome and flatten the curve, here are few fun ways to stay connected with your stoner friends during COVID-19 without compromising your health or others.


Many timely apps are surfacing as the weeks of quarantine creep on by, and Houseparty is one of them! You can add friends through this app and virtually join a “house party” via video call. You can send out a link to join your houseparty, or your friends will get notifications when you have your app open. Make sure to lock your houseparty call when everyone is in attendance, this helps to prevent anyone from disrupting and entering your virtual smoke session with the homies.


Another useful video calling tool that is best for groups is none other than Zoom! Surely you’ve heard of the Zoom boom with everyone jumping on the bandwagon and having group calls through this platform. This is a great way to host quarantine parties without having to cancel or postpone already scheduled plans! Even if we can’t go to our friend’s house to have a daily smoke sesh, Zoom parties are all the rage and you don’t even have to put on pants.

Online Classes

Being in quarantine has provided us a great deal of time to be able to learn and reflect on our current situations. With many businesses and schools closing, online classes have become essential in providing some type of normalcy within our communities. Message the friend group chat and come up with a list of online classes everyone can take together. Some fitness instructors are creating YouTube channels or IGTV content with free workout classes, there are education websites like Coursera with free college courses that include full course loads simulating an actual class. There is also a free 7-day trial for paid courses - feel free to check out this course about THC and CBD health effects. Learn to play the guitar, join a fitness challenge or find a cooking course that you and your buds can do together!

Social Media

Although social media has been a constant for most of us before the pandemic began, increased usage of Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms was bound to happen. We suggest using social media for sending your friends’ memes and funny content, but to try to limit news updates and other depressing social posts that can get the better of us. With everyone stuck at home and the internet trolls out in full effect, there is some laugh-till-you-cry type of content that will make you forget that your friend isn’t next to you laughing alongside you.

Tik Tok

Technically, this falls under social media but Tik Tok needs its own explanation for why it’s the vibe right now. Tik Tok is fascinating for many adults because the younger generation has really upped their dancing game from what we remember as teens. Tik Tok is fun for joining dance challenges and even better when including friends! Smoke a joint on FaceTime, learn a new dance with your friends and splice a Tik Tok together! It’ll consume more hours than you want to admit but it is an excellent pass time and get a solid workout. 

Netflix Party

Netflix made a genius move with Netflix Party, a place where you can watch movies with your special someone or a group of friends wherever you are! If you don’t have a quarantine and are away from your boo, schedule a Netflix Party with the best movies to watch while high and prep the snacks ahead of time. Or schedule a viewing party with your friends and have a happy hour beforehand! Some CBD margaritas, face masks, and a movie sounds like the new norm we can all get down with. 

Video Games

Video gaming fanatics are thriving in quarantine and for good reason. If you have a gaming system, challenge a friend and feel free to talk smack like he’s right next to you. Video games are a great way to jet off into virtual reality, so why not take a bong rip and your bestie with you! Prep the snacks, the weed, and the game controller because you’re about to be posted up for a few good hours. Be sure to check out our list of the best video games to play while high!

It is definitely not easy being under orders to stay home and have our lives be considerably put on hold. Although this is out of our control, we can control much of what we do with the time we have. Why not make the most of it? Try to stay connected with friends and family, stay calm and elevated, and know that you are a hero by staying home and contributing to the prevention of coronavirus. What is the best thing you’ve done so far in quarantine with your stoner friends?

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