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Best 420 Smoking Accessories

April 17, 2020 4 min read

best smoking accessories 420

What is the one day stoners wait all year long for? The most wonderful day on the cannabis calendar of course: the infamous April 20th! Although we are experiencing different circumstances with COVID-19 lockdowns, every stoner should have some kind of 4/20 celebration! Even isolation can’t stop us from breaking out the good ole ganja, so take some notes to ensure you have everything you need to party inside and still have a good time. 

Smoking Supplies for 420 Month

First things, first - make sure you have enough smoking accessories to last you through the holiday and 420 all month long. Consider stockpiling Mary Jane and all the goods including rolling papers, filters, lighters, etc. 

420 weed rolling tray

420 Rasta Mini Rolling Tray

This iconic, cool rolling tray is small enough to carry with you everywhere and sports our favorite three-digit number in the middle of the tray. Rolling trays are a game-changer, especially when you’re doing a power hour of blunts and need some support. You’ll definitely want to have a weed rolling tray at the top of your list and you’ll thank yourself later.

raw rolling papers

Raw Rolling Papers

Essential and an absolute must to have on-hand at all times, rolling papers is something you should always buy in bulk. It’s better to have more than to not have enough, and the best stoners plan ahead. This pack of RAW rolling cones will cut your prep time in half and give you some legit-looking joints! We would have suggested the challenge cone for normal 4/20 shenanigans, but if you’re not up for it solo you can always try the variety pre-roll packs that come in different sizes to spice things up!


Clipper Lighters & Hemp Wick Lighters

We emphasize on the plural, meaning a true stoner will have multiple lighters on deck! The worst disappointment is a freshly packed bong with no lighter in sight. Do yourself a favor and cop the clipper lighter pack, You can’t go wrong with a pack of four lighters that are also refillable and a steal compared to Zippo lighters! If you’re feeling more eco-conscious and want a healthier, completely organic alternative to standard butane lighters, try an all organic hemp wick. You’ll instantly feel the difference with its natural, high-quality flame that you may never go back!

everything for 420 ashtray


Whether you are at home, in your car or snuggled up in bed, keeping your space clean and ash in one area is important when partaking in smoking activities throughout the day. We’ve all been there where we use anything that simulates a cup as an ashtray, but there’s something about having an actual ashtray that makes you feel so much more legit. And if you love us as much as we think you do, go ahead and get yourself an EF420 ashtray so we know it’s real. 

Smoking Pieces

snake bong

Cobra Snake Mini Bong

For less than $50 you can’t go wrong with the Cobra Snake bong! If you’re looking to treat yourself without breaking the bank or making a gravity bong, this is the one. At 6.5 inches tall you wouldn’t expect this small bong to be such a killer but don’t underestimate this little guy. Be prepared for some heavy hits that’ll have you feeling like you’re hallucinating in the desert from the comfort of your own couch. Sounds like a ride we all need to be taking this 4/20 holiday, amiright?

big bong

The Beast Huge Bong

If you’re really trying to level up this 4/20 holiday, the Beast bong is an absolute must-have. Standing at a whopping 21 inches with double-layered tree percolators and tornado-like hits, this big bong will have you higher than ever before. With quarantine and nothing else to do but light up and watch Netflix, we’re thinking the Beast bong is a pretty necessary investment right now.

chalice mini bong

Chalice Mini Bong

Sometimes you might need a smaller sized bong to hit, and the Chalice bong delivers. At a mere six inches tall, this small glass bong packs smooth percolated pulls that are free of ash and debris. With an angled mouthpiece to reduce splashback, you won’t have to worry about making a mess with this petite, yet all-powerful beauty. 

Dab Rigs

straight tube bong

Single Honeycomb Straight Tube Dab Rig

If dabbing is your preferred method, the Single Honeycomb Straight Tube Rig is an excellent choice if you are looking for cheap dab rigs for sale. Standing at nine inches tall with a honeycomb percolator and ice catcher, this glass dab rig is sturdy with a wide base and extremely easy to maintain. New and experienced dabbers alike will enjoy this percolator dab rig for its simplicity and smooth, filtered hits. And for under $60 it’s a steal!

kandypens oura vaporizer

KandyPens Oura Vaporizer

If you don’t own a KandyPens Oura, you’re truly missing out. An electric dab rig with multiple temperature settings for full-flavored dabs, this device is easy to use and even features an auto-shutoff feature for the forgetful stoner. This e-rig vaporizer delivers some silky smooth hits and gets bonus points for being travel-friendly!

420 is special for the cannabis community because it is a time of celebrating what has brought us together. Cannabis has made significant progress over the years and we celebrate the evolution of our community. We’ve always been inspired by 420, so don’t forget to check out our exclusive 420 Sale section where you can get 30% off some of these red hot smoking accessories!

What is your favorite 4/20 memory?

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