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Every stoner’s favorite holiday is right around the corner. That means it’s time to start cleaning out the gunk from your water pipes, stocking up on rolling papers, looking under the couch for that herb grinder you haven’t seen in a month, and buying a brand new water bong to add to the collection. The insane 420 sale has started and you’ll find a great selection of cheap water bongs that will be delivered to your doorstep in just a few days. Here are our top picks so you can smoke in style this 420.

Chariot 2-Tone Percolator Bong

For the most percolation, aeration, and filtration for cheap, add the Chariot 2-Tone Percolator Bong to your shopping cart. This 14-inch glass bong has two different types of percolators, an inline perc, and a large 8-arm tree perc. Glassblowers used a mix of transparent clear glass for the percs and opaque glass accents in either black or jade that takes this unique bong over the top. Each water pipe has a fixed downstem with an 18mm joint and includes a matching smoking bowl in clear glass. This water bong is currently 30% off, making the total price including shipping just over $100, a steal for a percolator bong of this size.

Chariot 2-Tone Bong

Rasta Glass Mini Carb Bong

You won’t have to worry about a thing with the Rasta Glass Mini Carb Bong in red, yellow, and green. You will love showing off this ultra portable rasta-inspired mini bong at your next reggae music festival. Blown from lightweight borosilicate glass, this small bong uses a finger carb to control airflow, which is located opposite the smoking bowl. The fixed downstem and bowl combo is not meant to be removed, allowing for easy transportation with fewer loose parts. At just 5 inches tall, the mini bong weighs only 3.4 ounces, less than half the weight of an Iphone Max. For just $14.20, plus an extra 15% off for 420, you can show off your passion for ganja and reggae music everywhere you go.

Rasta Mini Bong

Mini Honeycomb Bong

Standing at just 6.5 inches tall, this mini bong creates smooth, yet large rips thanks to the central honeycomb percolator that filters and aerates the smoke. Honeycomb percs are one of the most durable types of glass percolators due to their vertical and compact design, making this a great water bong for sharing. The Honeycomb Mini Bong also has a cool swirled glass neck and comes in amber, white, blue, or green glass. Each of these travel-friendly small bongs come with a matching transparent glass bowl that fits the 14mm female joint.

Mini Honeycomb Bong

All Glassed Up Bong

Are you looking for a new bong that’s stable and easy to share with friends? It’s time to get blazed with the All Glassed Up Bong. The 10-inch tall glass beaker bong features a thick mouthpiece, wide base, built-in three pinch ice catcher, a diffused downstem, and a funnel-shaped smoking bowl. Available in blue, black, green, or fully transparent, each bong is entirely clear so you can watch all the bubbling and filtration action and has a splash of colored glass at the mouthpiece. This glass bong costs $34.20, but is on sale right now for 30% off!

All Glassed Up Bong

Fruits of Summer Bong

Grab the gang and get ready for long, hot days at the beach smoking out of the Fruits of Summer Bong. Who doesn’t dream of getting a tan and smoking from a colorful glass bong that looks like everyone’s favorite summer fruit? From the leaves to the eyes of the pineapple, this 7-inch small bong is incredibly detailed and is available in red, green, or classic yellow. Each Fruits of Summer Bong has a flat, stable base, large body for smoke accumulation, a curved neck to keep splashback down, and a matching green glass bowl. With the current 420 sale, this water bong is going for less than $30!

Fruits of Summer Bong

420 Sale Cheap Bong Accessories

We’ve got tons of smoking accessories made for bongs, but better yet, there’s an entire page of goodies like glass bowls, lighters, and herb grinders all for just $4.20. Yup, you hear that right, less than a fancy Starbucks coffee. These are our favorite from the 420 sale.

For more cheap water bongs and other smoking accessories included in the 420 sale like dab rigs, dab tools, vapes, rolling trays, ashtrays, herb grinders, and more, visit our online headshop.

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