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420 decorations
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We’re already two weeks into April and you know what that means. The stoner holiday, 4/20 is almost here! After a full year of nearly all parties being canceled, the cannabis community is ready to let loose and celebrate the green goddess with style. Instead of smoking alone this year, why not do something different like throwing a 420 party. The first thing that probably comes to mind is a gaudy college-style party with lots of pot leaf decorations. If this is the vibe you want, go for it, but if not, don’t worry, it is possible to throw a more sophisticated 420 event that your friends will love. We’ve put together a list of 420 party ideas that includes 420 decorations, edibles, things to do stoned, and more to make planning your event simple.

420 Party Decorations

No one wants to relive their college days getting stoned at a frat house decorated in pot leaf cutouts and green string lights. It’s time to upgrade to adult stoner party decorations. If you’re hosting a 420 dinner party, a great centerpiece idea is a bouquet of fresh flowers and pot leaves. Most marijuana legal states have a few cannabis florists that utilize pot leaves in their creations. They often cater towards cannabis weddings, however you can work with them to make something unique and within your budget. Another option is to contact hemp or cannabis farms directly to see if they have any leaf cuttings.

Many people have gotten in touch with their crafty side during the pandemic. If this is you, try your luck at making DIY 420 decorations. Think about your overall concept first to make sure all of your 420 decorations come together in the end. A great idea is to create a rolling or dab station. Ask your guests to bring a small amount of their favorite dry herb or cannabis concentrate to share, this way everyone can try a bunch of different strains throughout the night. Don’t forget to decorate the table and create a sign. Here’s what you’ll need for a rolling station:

  • Rolling trays - We love the versatility of the V Syndicate Hybrid Metal Tray With Dab Mat, but if you’re on a budget, opt for a few of the EF420 Metal Rolling Trays that cost just $4.20 each.
  • Lighters - A 420 party essential and one that always seems to get lost at the end of the night. Choose from a variety of Clipper or Bic lighters.
  • Rolling paper - Nothing is worse than running out of rolling paper or ending up with a cheap, horrible brand that burns unevenly. Get a few pre-rolled cones or blunt wraps to add some variety.
  • Tips - These are not a necessity, but always welcome. Choose from reusable glass tips, easy pre-rolled cone tips, or eco-friendly hemp filter tips.
  • Herb grinders - Forget about sticky fingers and keep your joints burning smooth by using an herb grinder or a fine, even consistency.
  • Weed storage containers - Use glass paint pens to create homemade weed storage containers. All you need are a few small mason jars or an upcycled glass jar and items to decorate like glass paint, chalk paint, ribbon, twine, jewels, and a hot glue gun. If DIY 420 decorations aren’t your thing, get some doob tubes so guests can take home a joint or two and a glass stash jar with an airtight lid.

420 Food

There’s no 420 without lots and lots of munchies! If you’re hosting a 420 dinner party, you may already have a set menu, however it’s always great to have some greasy snacks on hand. Chips, pizza, nachos, cookies, and popcorn are all great options if the munchies hit hard. You can also ask your guests to bring their favorite munchie snack so you can try something new.

Another 420 party idea is to eat your bud instead of smoking it. See if your friends are up for the idea and start deciding on recipes for homemade weed edibles. Any recipe can be turned into an edible, so don’t think you have to stick to sweets. Try our elevated lemon pasta recipe or one of the many cannabis cookbooks. Dosage is key, so be sure to calculate the potency of your cannabutter or cannaoil prior to cooking so that one dose isn’t equivalent to a quarter of a cookie. If you’d rather have a normal menu with non-medicated dishes, you can always incorporate a cannabis-infused wine or another type of elevated drink like CBD seltzer or THC-infused sparkling water.

420 Home Activities

Before getting too baked, organize a few games like giant weed jenga, What Do You Meme Stoner Pack, or Cards Against Humanity (the original is great, but we recommend the special weed pack made specifically for stoner parties). Multiplayer video games like Mario Kart are also fun to play high and you can even host a small tournament, where the winner gets a fat blunt.

Party games aren’t for everyone, but there are lots of other activities you can organize. These are our favorite 420 home activities that make for a fun party:

  • Make your own edibles night (just provide the cannabutter)
  • Ganja yoga party
  • Smoke and dance party (livestream a DJ set or start a collaborative 420 Spotify playlist).
  • Puff and paint (or color)
  • Stoner classics movie marathon
  • Blindfolded joint rolling contest
  • Guess the cannabis strain competition
  • Best DIY fruit pipe contest (see who can make the best fruit bong or pipe)

For all the big bongs, glass pipes, dab rigs, rolling papers, vapes, and herb grinders you’ll need to celebrate 420, visit our online headshop.

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