10 Gorgeous Pink Bongs For Sale

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10 Gorgeous Pink Bongs For Sale
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Now that October has begun and Cancer Awareness Month has commenced, what better way for a stoner to show their support by upgrading their bong collection with all things pink? With so many bongs to choose from, most of us don’t even know where to begin when choosing a new bong to bring home. Don’t fret, there are a ton of bongs that will get you high and feel alive but here are 10 gorgeous pink bongs for sale that can help you show your support for cancer survivors, current friends and family that are fighting cancer and all the efforts in between. A lot of cancer patients actually use weed to help manage pain from chemotherapy, so this one’s for all the stoners that are fighting the good fight with a little help from Mary Jane. 

Pink bongs under $20

If you’re tight on a budget but still want to get a new bong, here are the best pink bongs under $20 that will get you blasted just as much as the high end hardware. 

Pink Portable Two Tone Carb Bong - 5 inches

Pink Portable Two Tone Carb Bong - 5 inches

The Pink Portable Two Tone Carb Bong is the travel-friendly bong that you need in your life, at just five inches tall with the downstem attached for ultra convenience. No loose pieces means you can pack this baby up and puff puff pass on the go without sacrificing a classic bong sesh. Made of high quality heat-safe borosilicate glass, this bong has a pink tint with a transparent body making it easy to see everything and enjoy the show. 

Pink Two Tone Mini Bong - 6 inches

 Pink Two Tone Mini Bong

The simple yet masterfully crafted Pink Two Tone Mini Bong will easily upgrade any bong collection. Keeping it cute yet stoney is the name of her game, and with a sturdy base you don’t have to worry about her being fragile. This pink mini bong is travel-friendly with both bowl and downstem attached so transporting is a breeze. With a pink tinted base and mouthpiece, watch the smoke fill up the clear chamber while you get ready for inhale.

Pink bongs under $50

Got a little wiggle room in your bong budget? Try some of these pink bongs under $50 that is a nice mid-level investment for a bong lover to experiment with. 

Pink Colored Matrix Bubble Bong - 6.5 inches

 Pink Colored Matrix Bubble Bong

The Pink Colored Matrix Bubble Bong is the mini bong that keeps on giving! Get the most out of this mini bong with an ash catcher and a pink matrix percolator for heavily filtered hits, this travel-friendly pink bong has an angled mouthpiece for an easier time inhaling as well. The bubble chamber makes this bong that much more unique and honestly what more could you ask for in a bong? 

Pink Single Disk Mini Hive Bong - 6.5 inches

Pink Single Disk Mini Hive Bong

You won’t be disappointed with the Pink Single Disk Mini Hive Bong, this 6.5-inch travel-friendly mini bong will give you a lifetime membership to the High Hive! Made of extra durable glass, enjoy even more filtered hits than normal with an ash catcher and pink matrix percolator. With a flat base and a textured chamber just like a bee hive, this mini bong is easy on the eyes and even easier to get you high!

Pink Lite Brite Perc Bong - 10 inches

Pink Lite Brite Perc Bong

The Pink Lite Brite Perc Bong is 10 inches full of pegged percolator trees to deliver the freshest and most filtered hits around. With a pink base, neck and mouthpiece you’ll see pops of color in the percolator for a nice balance of sass and class. While this bong does not include a banger, you can still turn this into a dab rig if you want to! Get the most bang for your buck with this gorgeous bong and feel forever young taking tokes from this cutie. 

Pink All Glassed Up Bong - 10 inches

Pink All Glassed Up Bong

The Pink All Glassed Up Bong is the heavy-duty beaker bong of your dreams so don’t underestimate its basic appearance! Included is a diffused downstem with a built-in ice catcher for extra cooled hits. The mouthpiece is a tinted pink and puts a special touch on a simple bong. The wide base makes this 10-inch beaker bong an essential in any stoner’s household.

Pink bongs under $100

Ready to spend some cash and get the pink bong you very much deserve? Here’s a few pink bongs for sale that are under $100 and ready for a home. 

Pink Colored Neck Beaker Bong - 14 inches

Pink Colored Neck Beaker Bong

The Pink Colored Neck Beaker Bong is a whole 14 inches of thick 9mm borosilicate glass that is fully transparent with a long pink neck to give that extra flare every stoner collection needs. The percolator downstem also has a pink bowl and is designed to look like a sleek, modern piece that can fit into any space. 

Pink Pagoda Bong - 10 inches

Pink Pagoda Bong

The Pink Pagoda Bong is a phenomenal piece full of filtration and the angled mouthpiece makes it really easy to inhale all the goodness. The ash catcher and matrix percolator will clean and filter each hit and with a transparent body you can watch the smoke dance through this water bong, the percolator makes for a great show!

Pink Colored Double Barrel Bong - 12 inches

Pink Colored Double Barrel Bong

Need more filtration in a bong? The Pink Colored Double Barrel Bong gives huge, filtered hits with two large pink tree percs plus an ash catcher. The angled mouthpiece helps reduce the splashback so you can count on having a great smoke sesh every single time! 

Pink Cobra Shaped Bong - 6.5 inches

Pink Cobra Shaped Bong

Smoke yourself into a high coma with the Pink Cobra Shaped Bong, a beautiful transparent pink mini bong that will slither its way into your heart the second you take one hit. The realistic texture of snakeskin makes this glass bong that much cooler, just don’t get too high and mistake it for an actual one!

Best pink bongs

Now that you have 10 gorgeous pink bongs for sale to choose from, you know what to do next. Pink is not just for the month of October and most of these bongs fit nicely right into your current bong collection so consider it time to treat yourself before the holidays commence. Remember to grab other essential stoner supplies from the $4.20 store before checking out!

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