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Learning how to read a label just takes some instruction and some practice. Whether it is reading food labels or prescription labels, sometimes it is not very easy but once you know the ropes it will be a breeze! So when it comes to CBD, learning how to read a CBD label will benefit you in more ways than one. Knowing what you are consuming is extremely important and especially with CBD you’ll want to verify it is safe to consume. Here is what you need to know in how to read a CBD label so before you buy you know exactly what to expect.

What does a CBD label look like?

First things first, it is important to note that CBD is not federal regulated, meaning there are no FDA approvals for CBD oils and other products. While every state has different CBD regulations, you’ll want to look into your state and research a bit more. Even though CBD labels are not FDA certified, most CBD labels look similar to other labels like you’d see for dietary supplements or beverages. 

What to look for on a CBD label

There are a few things you’ll want to absolutely make sure when examining a CBD label. Here is an easy list to remember:

  • Third party lab results - Every reputable CBD product will have third party test results that are usually accompanied by a certificate of analysis. This proves that the CBD was tested by a third party for the quality levels regarding cannabinoid and terpene content, and other possible contaminants. 
  • Manufacturing date - CBD does have an expiration date so it is best to check the manufacturing date of the product. Most CBD products last for up to several months, usually not up to a year. 
  • Lot number - Most reputable and state licensed CBD companies will provide the batch and lot numbers so that every product distributed has some accountability in the case it needs to be recalled. This makes it a lot easier to identify which batches would need to be pulled and without a lot number it would be hard to trace back to where the product was actually made. 

  • How to read CBD strength on a label

    After confirming that the CBD product is legit with the above information, how do you read CBD strength on a label? Sometimes it can be confusing so here’s a breakdown to get an idea of how much CBD you are getting per drop.

    Rule of thumb is every 10ml of CBD oil equals around 200 drops, so if you take the total mg per drop and divide that number by the total CBD mg by the number of drops. For example, a 1000mg of CBD divided by 200 drops (10ml), that equals 5mg of CBD per drop. 

    1000mg / 200 = 5mg of CBD per drop

    Keep in mind that the larger amount of CBD in a bottle, it is probably more diluted and will take extra doses as compared to smaller bottles, so if you want the strong stuff getting a big bottle does not necessarily mean you are getting more!

    Best CBD oil

    Now that you know how to read a CBD label, here are a few CBD products you can count on to get you relaxed and feeling cool, calm, and collected.

    Original Hemp CBD Tincture

    Original Hemp CBD Tincture

    The Original Hemp CBD Tincture gives everything you’d expect in a tincture and a bit more. Choose from different strengths, ranging from 250mg to 2000mg. Flavors like fresh berry and vanilla dream are on the menu and spoiler alert, it is just as sweet as it sounds.

    CBD Living Gel Caps

    CBD Living Gel Caps

    Want an even easier and convenient way to take CBD besides tinctures? CBD Living Gel Caps makes it easy to pop in your mouth while on the go. With 25mg of CBD per capsule, this CBD label is pretty easy and straightforward to read.

    The Helping Friendly Master Blend Pre-Filled CBD Cones

    The Helping Friendly Master Blend Pre-Filled CBD Cones

    If you want to smoke a little bit, The Helping Friendly Master Blend Pre-Filled CBD Cones are your best bet filled with 1000mg of CBD. Super loaded with terpenes and made of USA craft grown hemp, this is the perfect start or end to any day. This comes with two pre-filled cones to double the fun, but just a heads up these have less than .3% THC.

    CBD labels and quality

    Knowing how to read a CBD label properly is important because you should know exactly what you are consuming. Remember, bigger does not always mean more and pay attention to dosage along with certification that CBD was made following proper regulations. Want to get more CBD and join in on the fun? Make sure to check out the best CBD for sale including tinctures, daily capsules, and more. 

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