Yocan Box Set

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The Yocan Box Set is a perfect set for any dab vape fanatic. This set comes with everything you need to enjoy your concentrates.

What you get:

  • Evolve Plus Battery: This 1100mah battery packs the punch you need to get get quality hits from your favorite concentrates.
  • 2 Dual Quartz Coils: This style of coil is made for thick concentrates. It heats up quickly, giving you a better flavor. 
  • Micro USB cable: Made to charge the battery, the USB connector makes this easy to charge in any USB port.
  • Silicone Tip Dab Tool: A handy tool, that when done with, can be covered in silicone to keep the stickiness at bay.
  • Silicone Container: An essential for carrying all you concentrates.
  • Dab Mat: This tool will keep any surface you decide to set out your other essentials safe.