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WTF Metal Oney

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uniquely designed one-hitter pipe

The WTF Metal Oney is strangely intriguing, unique pipe with bold metallic colors. Coming in three different colors – pink, blue, and black – this one-hitter is perfect because of its compact design, making it portable enough to keep out of sight until it's needed.

The Good

“What is this shape?” you ask, as you show a picture of this oney to a nearby friend. To be perfectly honest: we’re not sure either. It somewhat resembles a baseball bat with divots cut above the handle. Even though it resembles a small-scale melee weapon, this one-hitter is meant for good. The colorful design but odd shape makes it not completely obvious, if you happen to leave it out in the open. Like most one-hitters, it’s a great tool for taking small pulls of tasty smoke as needed.

The Bad

It looks odd and maybe unique designs aren’t your thing. On the bright side, none of your friend’s will mistake it for their one-hitter.

The Ugly

Trying to decide if you like the unique design or find it just too strange.