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Universal Domeless Titanium Nail

Universal Domeless Titanium Nail

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Domeless, universal titanium nail available in various sizes

The Titanium Universal Nail is a multi-purpose tool for dabbing all forms of concentrate. The piece comes apart to fit just about any size water pipe (10, 14, and 18 mm) with a male or female end. Titanium heats faster than quartz but slower than other metals used for smoking, making the process quicker, yet also functional for low-temp dabbing.

The Good

Assembling a rig is a quick and easy process. If you spent enough time as kid playing with Legos (bonus points if you had Lincoln Logs) equipping your glass pipe with the piece should be snap. However, if you hear a snap, you’ve probably broken something as this noise usually means something bad happened. The pieces twist apart to fit your preference of a male or female end, like sexy time, but with marijuana. Each “step” on the nail ensures that it will fit 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm connections.

The Bad

If you hear the “snapping” noise mentioned earlier, it’s one of two things: you either cracked your knuckles or the pipe.

The Ugly

Using a glass piece or cleaning it out, feeling it break, then driving to work wrapped in paper towels so a coworker can bust out the first aid kit and butterfly stitch your wound.

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Universal Domeless Titanium Nail

Durable domeless titanium nail dab tool universally fits all male and female joints with a textured layered design
Use code HOT30 and take 30% OFF COUPON COPIED