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The Stoners Core - 9in

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If you wanna be hardcore, you gotta live hardcore. The Stoner’s Core dab rig uses both a recycling chamber system and an inset percolator to create the most hardcore, yet fantastically smooth and stone cold hits that you could ask for. Meanwhile, the splash guard protects you from a mouthful of bongwater while the ashcatcher helps keep your rig clean.

⚫ VERSATILE DESIGN - Black and Clear Glass


⚫ FRESH, SMOOTH HITS - External Recycler Dab Rig

⚫ KEEP IT CLEAN - Ash Catcher


⚫ REGULAR SIZE RIG - 9” Height & 12.5oz Weight

⚫ Female joint with quartz banger included

If you’re looking for a dab rig with top shelf filtration and cooling, this dab rig is sure to become the bedrock of your dabbing experience.

Ready to get zooted to the core? Get your hands on the Stoner’s Core dab rig today!