The Extraterrestrial Bong - 13"

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Have an out of this world experience with the 13” Extraterrestrial bong made from durable borosilicate glass.

🛸 SPACE OUT – Big Heavy Rips

👽 INCLUDES BANGER & BOWL – Switch Between Herb and Oil

🛸 DOUBLE PERC – Smooth Consistent Hits

👽 COIL RECYCLER CHAMBER – Cools Down Your Smoke

🛸 NO SPLASH – Built in Splash Guard



Space cadets everywhere can enjoy a perfectly smooth smoke that’s almost otherworldly. Two multi diffuser percolators will filter any smoke or vapor until its silky smooth and thick as an intergalactic nebula.


We’ve included a 3 mm quartz banger for those who want to dab, as well as a classic 1-gram capacity 3 mm clear glass bowl piece. Swap them easily and conveniently.


Smoke enters the first UFO cogwheel percolator before entering the mini honeycomb percolator in the second chamber. Everything recycles back down for a second go around through both percolators.


Watch your smoke and water recycle back down the trippy helix coil recycle tube to be double filtered for a second time. Talk about smooth fresh hits!


A built-in black colored splash guard mouth opening will protect your lips from dirty water or unwanted particulate.

Want discrete yet glass safe packaging? Want it delivered from the heart of 420 country? We expertly ship our items from our state of the art warehouse in sunny Los Angeles.

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