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The March Bud to Bud Box '22

The March Bud to Bud Box '22

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A Very Lucky and Green Bud to Bud Box!

Woah, do you see that?! It's a field of seven leaf clovers! Must be a sign... Time to do some spring cleaning on those old pieces and freshen up the setup with this clean new bundle.

Our March '22 box features a solid, sturdy blue Ambient Single Barrel Bong that is a great staple piece for stoners of all experience levels. Pair it with our cute-as-a-clover leaf bowl or a banger if you're feeling like taking some dabs. We've even included a Disoriented Pikachu (you'll see why we call it that) Carb Cap and an American Dab Tool to make things easier on you! We also can't forget about the Cloud 9 Chameleon Rolling Tray that will get you faded beyond recognition--aka, you'll blend in with the sofa. Add some sweet rolling papers, tips, and a cute Clipper to the mix and you've got a party!

The March Bud to Bud Box '22

The March Bud to Bud Box '22
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