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The January Bud to Bud Box '22

The January Bud to Bud Box '22

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Arrive by: Wednesday, May 22 - Monday, May 27
Fastest delivery: Tuesday, May 21

The future is here! But wait, wouldn't that make it the present? Uhh... Before we get too lost in our stoned thoughts, let's talk about the January Bud to Bud Box! 

We've got all of your favorites from a distant galaxy! Our personal favorite? The silicone pipe featuring our favorite child, Grogu. He's so discreet, you'll be able to sesh into 2022 undetected. Next up, take a look at the size of this Vader Bowl--you can fit a spacecraft's worth of bud in there... Tie the galactic travel together with our pals R&M, featured on this sleek rolling tray--they know how to send your mind into orbit. Pairs nicely with the other gadgets we decided to feature, so go ahead and grab this bundle before the present becomes the past!

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The January Bud to Bud Box '22

The January Bud to Bud Box