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The Carriage Recycler - 8in

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Uniquely designed three-chambered recycler dab rig, percolated hits

You won’t need any horses to let this carriage take you on a long trip to a faraway land. Rather than wheels that go round and round, the Carriage Recycler makes vapors turn in circles. Because this unique design has a built-in downstem that splits into two first chambers, each containing small showerhead percs, this recycler creates four times as many bubbles, which means your hits will be four times as cool, fresh tasting, and smooth. This also means you can take bigger, longer hits without burning your throat or letting vapors get too stale.

♼ SWEET LOOK - Unique but Stable Design

♼ 3X FILTRATION - Triple-Chambered Recycler Dab Rig

♼ HIGH QUALITY - Heat Safe Scientific Borosilicate Glass

♼ EXTRA DIFFUSION - Two Showerhead Percs


♼ MEDIUM DAB RIG - 10.5oz Weight & 8” Height

So if you’re looking for a recycler that is going to give you magnificent, massive, pillowy hits, while looking ridiculously cool as water and vapors swirl through the system, then let the Carriage Recycler take you on that journey today!

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