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The Big Atom - 11in

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You must be a proton, because once you get your hands on the Big Atom recycler dab rig, you’ll be feeling real positive about it. The Big Atom is a recycler dab rig with so much filtration power, you’ll feel the results all the way down to your nuclei. Each “particle” of this atomic masterpiece is a chamber through which water and vapors get recycled, diffused, and cooled, and concentrated. So what the whopping 15 individual chambers do for you is create nuclear-powered hits that are 15 times smoother and cooler.

⚛️ Science-fair winning design

⚛️ 15-chambered recycler!

⚛️ Heat stable borosilicate glass

⚛️ Female joint with quartz banger

⚛️ Ash catcher

⚛️ Built-in percolated downstem

⚛️ Splash guard

⚛️ 11” height

⚛️ 1lb weight

The Big Atom brings brains and beauty together; This blue transparent glass and 15 orblike chambers create a mad-science aesthetic that will impress even your nerdiest friends. So let the Big Atom spark that chemical reaction that’s sure to bring you a mind-blowing experience of nuclear proportions.