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The Ancient Dabber - 6in

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Thousands of years ago in a mystical castle by the sea, your great great great great granny dabbed the first dab with this piece that's been in your family for generations. Well, that might be a bit of a stretch, but the Ancient Dabber looks and works so legitly that your friends will still probably believe it if you tell the storyafter letting them take a few potent hits from this beaker-style dab rig. The Ancient Dabber is extremely portable at 6” and 6oz, so granny could have easily carried it in her leather satchel as she crossed the sea on a Spanish galleon, and you can carry it even more easily in your purse or backpack.


🏺 BIGGER RIPS - Beaker-style Dab Rig

🏺 KEEP IT CLEAN - Built-in Ash Catcher

🏺PORTABLE - 6" Height

🏺LIGHTWEIGHT - 6oz Weight

🏺 Female joint with quartz banger

The beaker shape lets smoke or vapors accumulate quickly, creating concentrated hits while also ensuring an easy cleaning process. So pay homage the the dabbers of yore by taking a few hits from the Ancient Dabber - trust us, you’ll want to pass this one on for generations.

Dab like the good old days, buy the Ancient Dabber now!