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The Alchemist Dab Rig - 7in

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Alchemy - where science and magic meet as one. The Alchemist Dab Rig’s external recycler and inline perc may have smooth, fresh, long-lasting hits down to a science, but the experience you’ll get is nothing short of magical. The quartz banger allows you to fully control the airflow and temperature of your alchemical experiments as they begin to diffuse and filter through the inline perc. Then water makes round after round through the recycle system, bubbling up so vapors taste extra fresh and feel deliciously cool once they hit the mouthpiece.

⚗️MYSTICAL DESIGN - Design inspired by ancient alchemy

⚗️KEEP IT CLEAN - Built-in Ash Catcher


⚗️FILTRATION POWERS - Recycler Dab Rig


⚗️HIGH QUALITY - Heat Stable Scientific Glass

⚗️Female joint with quartz banger

This dab rig’s beautiful design will mesmerize your friends (and enemies) as they watch water and vapors cycle through the transparent colored glass. But don’t worry, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to practice advanced alchemy with this gorgeous little dab rig.

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