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Super Mario Mushroom Dab Tool

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The Super Mario Mushroom Dab Tool is topped with everyone’s favorite plumber. As man with an affinity for the weird and a background in skilled trades, the value of this great tool is something we're sure would be “Mario approved.” The stainless-steel handle includes two ergonomic points as well as a wide scoop for breaking apart concentrates.

The Good

It’s entirely possible there’s a hidden meaning behind the Super Mario narrative we’ve neglected to explore. During the days Mario first made his way to household TV screens, some heavy epidemics were underway. Maybe his voyage into the weird is lesson for us all. In essence, a touch of weird is ok but you need to avoid the pit falls. Mario, clearly distraught by the state of society, rejected social norms, started listening to Phish and Umphrey’s McGee, then got in touch with his spiritual side. Mario’s agenda may be different than your own but that’s ok – this tool is functions for all your dabbing by divvying up concentrates and keeping you from getting burned.

The Bad

Every time you take Mario into public, you know you’re in for a long night of debating conspiracy theories.

The Ugly

Some conspiracies have more facts to back them up than select politicians deliver their entire careers.