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Step It Up Dab Rig - 8in

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If you want to climb the stairway to heaven, you gotta let the Step it Up Dab Rig lead the way. Step 1: This rig’s XL inline perc gets vapors off to a smooth start with extreme filtration and diffusion. Step 2: Vapors climb their way up the staggered tubes, with each “step” cooling them way down to a comfortable temperature. Step 3 through ♾️: Long-lasting, potent, heavenly smooth hits.   

📶 A-MAZE-ING - Labyrinthine Design

📶 MEGA DIFFUSION - XL inline perc

📶 MEDIUM SIZE - 8” Height & 11.5oz Weight

📶 HIGH QUALITY - Heat-stable Borosilicate Glass

📶 TABLE STABLE - Wide, Sturdy Base

📶 Female joint with quartz banger

The Step It Up Dab Rig’s unique zigzagging design and orange percolated downstem look at sweet as they work, creating a funky look that will have all your friends asking where you got it. So if you want to feel like you’re on top of the world, get this dab rig and make the climb.

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