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Yodab Dab Tool

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The Yoda Dab Tool is the perfect item to help satisfy your inner Jedi while you dab. This stainless-steel tool features a couple ergonomic points throughout the grip to keep it from slipping as you separate the perfect amount of concentrate from your collection.

The Good

The Force enabled those who could tap into its powers some neat tricks. Those of us on Earth are missing out but in the very least, highly concentrated herb and some snacks pair nicely with a day long Star Wars marathon. While you’re at it, you may as well let Yoda lend you hand with getting your dabs in order. The tool is sharp enough to assist with divvying up whatever concentrate you have. Sad to say, it’s still no match for a lightsaber.

The Bad

Good a concentrate makes you. More you may want. Patience is the way of the Jedi.

The Ugly

Attempting to setup a Star Wars marathon with a Trekkie and Stargate fan, getting into a debate, then settling on Firefly with a plan to follow up with Serenity.