Spring Bud Recycler - 9"

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What’s better than fresh spring buds? How about sitting down with your buds and enjoying some bud with this 9” Spring Bud Recycler Bong made from colored borosilicate glass.

🍯 SWEET AS HONEY – Double Honey Percs

🍯 EXTRA SMOOTH – Big Smooth Hits

🍯 SPRING COLORS – Teal and Honey Yellow

🍯 BENT NECK – Easier to Use

🍯 NO SPLASH – Built in Splash Guard



This recycler bong features two incredible honeycomb percolators made from honey yellow colored glass. Your smoke or vapor will pass through the percolators before being recycled back through them a second time for extra smooth and fresh hits.


Recycler bongs have become incredibly popular because of how easily and efficiently they double filter every hit you take. Smoke or vapor passes through the water chamber and percs two full times to deliver a powerful, clean and cooled experience.


This bong looks amazing with its unique teal green design with honey yellow honey comb percolators, connecting joints and bent neck piece. At 9” tall this is a fantastic chill piece for home use but isn’t so massive you can’t take it with you. Includes clear quartz banger.


Avoid the heat of the banger and nail and further reduce the risk of splash back with the bent neck design. The bent neck further lowers the overall height without sacrificing on neck length which gives your smoke or vapor a bit more time to cool down.


A built-in honey yellow splash guard mouth opening will protect your lips from dirty water or unwanted particulate, the bent neck also adds extra splash protection.

Here at Everything for 420 we ship your new piece from sunny Los Angeles in sturdy yet discrete glass safe packaging to ensure safe arrival.

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