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Sparring Partner Glass Bong Bowl - 18mm Male

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The Sparring Partner Glass Bong Bowl is simple piece to hold your bud. The inside of the spacious bowl features a glass screen, maximizing air flow and preventing clogs while the black nubs on the side serve as ergonomic gripping points.

The Good

As a child, just about everyone had a run with Tae Kwon Do or Karate. You got super pumped watching Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles and kicked the shit out of enough imaginary foes until one of your parents figured they needed to put your wild ass somewhere before expensive things were destroyed. You went to classes for a little while until the exorbitant fees charged by mostly Americanized disciplines got the better of their bank account and the “discipline” promised by the flyer never came to fruition. Later in life, it comes back around, and you find yourself cardio kickboxing, striking hand pads with a partner which is kind of what this small bowl resembles.

The Bad

The above doesn’t seem accurate or well-researched until you’re having a conversation with someone and learn that they too made it to a green belt.

The Ugly

You stuck with it for years, earned a black belt, but eventually quit only to find you had no outlet for your energy and came to possess a trait most called “cocky” though you always figured it was just healthy confidence.