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Smart Silicone Container

Smart Silicone Container

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The Smart Silicon Container is the size of an average smartphone and designed to hold wax concentrates. You can’t install any apps to it however, it does have two separate containers for holding different types of dabbing goodness.

The Good

The term “smart” is attached to various forms of technology with the implication it has the ability to both Tweet and play Angry Birds. However, this item allows you to do neither one of those things. In fact, it can’t even text. Think of the name as a call to action: it’s time to reevaluate what we consider smart. This container is large, with respect to most silicon containers for concentrates and it has two compartments to separate variations of your supply. All in all, it’s pretty smart.

The Bad

Animals are considered smart but smartest among them lack opposable thumbs, making it impossible to build infrastructure.

The Ugly

Dolphins evolving to walk on land and wield weaponry to finally put an end to the most advanced species on Earth because we can’t seem to help but throw non-biodegradable trash into their habitat.

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Smart Silicone Container

Rectangular non-stick silicone wax container storage accessory made of high grade silicone in vibrant swirling colors
Smart Silicone Container Blue