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Seeded Bong - 10in

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Are you ready to see one of the coolest percolators ever? This incredible 8 bulb seeded percolator sends out massive amounts of bubbles in the 10” Seeded Bong made from durable borosilicate glass.

🌱 SUPERIOR BUBBLES – Exceptionally Smooth Filtration

🌱 COMPLETELY UNIQUE – Impress Your Friends

🌱 EASY TO CLEAN – Brush Friendly Shape

🌱 BENT NECK – Avoid the Heat

🌱 NO SPLASH – Built in Splash Guard


This insanely cool percolator combines the already amazing tree perc with upside down ball percs instead of traditional fish gill style slits. The end result is massive filtration and tons of tiny bubbles for bigger cleaner hits.


Tree percs are rare enough as it is…and we’ve made it even more special by incorporating upside down ball percs into the design. The end result looks like 8 teal green seeds sending bubbles to the top of the bong. To make it even more interesting each seed is staggered rather than sitting uniformly in a tight circle.


The truth is most bongs with complicated percs are pretty difficult to clean. We’ve incorporated this awesome and unique percolator into a traditional science flask beaker style bong so that it’s still easy to clean and easy to use.


Stop singing your hair, lips and eyebrows while lighting up your herb bowl. The bent neck helps avoid that issue while also decreasing the overall height without decreasing the volume of the bong’s neck so more smoke or vapor can build up and fill it.


A built-in teal green splash guard mouth opening will protect your lips from dirty water or unwanted particulate, the bent neck also adds extra splash protection.

We care about our products and our customers…that’s why we ship everything in protective yet discrete packaging from our brand new warehouse in Los Angeles.

The only time getting “seeded” is a good thing…click add-to-cart today!