420 Black Ops Set

The 420 Black Ops set is 360 degree solution for the smoker on the go. With this state of the art smoking set you receive all kinds of goodies for smoking both dry herb and concentrates, as well as couple other neat additions like a silicone container and a mini scale. The color scheme is directly in line with what you would probably wear if you were, in fact, a secret agent.

What you get

  • Glass Blunt (set exclusive) - 3 in 1 male fitting (12mm, 14mm, 16mm) for a water pipe. Comes with a replacement glass tube, silicone cap, and cleaning brush. Makes for a nearly endless smoking extravaganza with a fascinating design that allows you to continually rotate more weed to the tip as you ash the charred bud and always be on the receiving end of a fresh green hit.
  • Black Glass Sherlock (set exclusive) - A fun piece that looks like the smoke you’ll exhale after a nice rip.
  • Darth Vader Dab Tool -  He’s clearly getting more in touch with the Force as the metal wand helps you break apart and apply your dabs.
  • Black Silicone Container -  Stores your favorite concentrate.
  • Metal Tray -  5" x 7" in size and features a great image of some dank herb.
  • 510 Threaded Globe Atomizer - Super simple piece for waxes and shatters.
  • Vape Battery and Charger350 mAh VV Battery
    Voltage Setting 3.4v, 3.7v, and 4.0v, USB charger.
  • Silver Mini Scale -  +/- 0.1 GR accuracy and 500 GR capacity. Helps you add the perfect amount of spices to any recipe.
  • Cleaning Tool - We like to call it "Satan's Toothbrush" but really, it's to keep the glass blunt clean.

Why you should get it

Who wouldn’t want to be a secret agent? Rumor has it, these all feature cloaking devices and can blend into any surface.

What happens if you don’t

The fate of the very world was at stake. You let us all down, you asshole.