Sally's Pipe - 6"

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Get some of the biggest hits ever from one of the biggest 6” pipes you’ve ever seen. Sally’s Pipe is made from colored borosilicate glass.

🐉 MASSIVE DESIGN – Deep Pack Bowl

🐉 UNIQUE PIECE OF ART – Fun to Smoke and Share

🐉 ERGONOMIC GRIPS – Easy to Hold and Pass

🐉 WOBBLE PROOF – Stable on Most Surfaces

🐉 DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Thick but Lightweight



This handheld pipe may only be 6 inches long, but it’s one of the most massive glass pipes you’ll ever have the pleasure of smoking. This helps make it durable and gives it a deep pack herb bowl.


This beautiful pipe features gorgeous red and cream-colored glass, a conch swirl top, glass bowl rim bubbles and beautiful dragon spikes for a truly unique and fun look. You’ll love just looking at it or showing it off to your friends.


Just because this thing is big doesn’t mean it isn’t easy and convenient to use. It still fits comfortably in your hand and has a bunch of decorative glass bubbles that make gripping it even easier.


You might think this piece is too top heavy to stand up, but it’s unique design is well balanced so it won’t tip over. The decorative glass bubbles double as tiny little footholds to keep your prized pipe stable on most surfaces.  


No glass is completely unbreakable, but all the unique handblown details on this pipe actually help to reinforce it and make the piece thick. This pipe is thick and durable yet lightweight and portable.

Want discrete yet glass safe packaging? Want it delivered from the heart of 420 country? We expertly ship our items from our state of the art warehouse in sunny Los Angeles.

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