Teal Round Handle Glass Bong Bowl - Male 14mm

The Round Handle Glass Bong Bowl is an effective accessory for a bong that accepts an 14mm male connection. The protruding handle from the side of the bowl gives you a place to grasp, circumventing the need to grip the potentially hot glass as you take a rip.

The Good

All the extra safety features on the things today go unnoticed unless you grew up in a time when safety was more of a suggestion. Seatbelts are a thing now and you’re a miserable human if a child isn’t properly bolted into the seat of your plastic car. You can’t send your kid alone to the store with cash for some whiskey a pack of smokes. And there’s stuff called hand soap… it’s all so common, no one bats an eye. If you like the Nerfed world of today or are just pragmatic and want a solution to help prevent burns, this bowl is the paradigm of the 21st century.

The Bad

Talking to DCS because your kid was spotted hoping around the back of your late 60s Monte Carlo.

The Ugly

When they ask you to explain why you thought it was ok and you show them pictures of different Kia models then a Toyota Prius before attempting to light a cigarette in their office.