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RAW Pre-Rolled Tips - 21 Pack

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The RAW Pre-Rolled Tips Pack contains 21 helpful filters to supplement your joint or blunt. Each tip is pre-cut to an idea length for most papers or wraps. RAW uses a natural blend of cotton and hemp in each paper which is much safer and ecology friendlier than the fiberglass filters found in cigarettes.

The Good

Adding a filter to your joint or blunt is always a great idea. For one, it helps eliminate the roach problem, allowing you to smoke the entire joint or blunt with minimal waste. Two, you probably share your joints and blunts after you roll them and you know there’s nothing quite as unsettling as getting back a sloppy hooter from your slobbery friend. The worst part is that it often destroys the end you’re inhaling from, meaning you need re-engineer your construction to get the most from each hit. These problems are easily solved with the aid of a RAW tip.

The Bad

Noticing your blunt is all gross and trying to politely tell whoever you’re sharing with to be mindful of their slobber.

The Ugly

When you can almost taste the chicken salad sandwich your friend had for lunch.