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RAW Cone Tip Book - 3 Pack

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The RAW Tip Book is a pack of 32 papers, specifically designed to create a precise cone shape for your joint. Even for seasoned, joint-rolling pros, these specially designed papers create a wonderfully helpful shape, regardless of your rolling prowess.

The Good

The cone is such an odd shape. When most of us hear the word “cone” we occasionally come up with different mental images but it’s safe to say, the general thing that comes to mind is a birthday hat. Some of us look at these goofy, disposable pieces of apparel and consider what it would be like to turn one of those bad boys into a smoking apparatus. Unfortunately, between the glossy, toxic scum and immense size, you’ll either end up in the hospital or horribly disappointed. Fortunately, these papers give you the perfect shape for every joint, regardless of you joint rolling experience level.

The Bad

Experienced rollers may throw some shade if they see you using a non-rectangular piece of rolling paper.

The Ugly

If someone says something whack, you’re not obligated to share!