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Ooze ResOlution Gel Cleaner


ResOlution Gel Cleaner - 7in
  • ResOlution Gel Cleaner - 7in

Ooze ResOlution Gel Cleaner

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EasilyĀ get your glassware and grinder sparkling clean for the freshest hits possible

šŸ’§Ā Non-toxic gel cleaning solution

šŸ’§Ā Sparkling clean smoking accessories

šŸ’§Ā Removes resin and tar build up

šŸ’§ Cleans glass, metal, andĀ hands

šŸ’§ No alcohol

šŸ’§ Made from natural clay

šŸ’§Ā Spout or resealable top

šŸ’§Ā AuthenticĀ ResOlution Brand

šŸ’§Ā Makes cleaning quick and easy

Ooze ResOlution Gel Cleaner

ResOlution Gel Cleaner - 7in
Use code MAR23 and take 10% OFF COUPON COPIED
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Most smokers procrastinate when it comes to cleaning their bongs and other smoking accessories, but all that gunk gives off a pungentĀ odor andĀ unpleasantĀ taste toĀ every hit. Cleaning your water bong, glass pipe, herb grinder, dab tools, and even yourĀ hands from sticky cannabis residue is a breeze with the ResOlution cleaning gel. The patented formula is made from natural clay, whichĀ is non-toxic and isn't as abrasive as cleaning with salt. For larger items like glass bongs and bubblers, simply pour in the cleaning gel, give it a good shake, and wait for 30 minutes (longer if you haven't cleaned your glassware in awhile) before giving it a rinse. Smaller items like grinders, smoking bowls, or pipes can beĀ shaked and soaked right inside theĀ ResOlution gelĀ package using the resealable top opening.Ā Visit the blog forĀ tips and tricks on how to clean glass bongs.


Size - 240 ml

Brand -Ā ResOlution

Style -Ā CleaningĀ accessories

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