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RAW Big Pack - 300 Count

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The RAW Big Pack - 300 Count is basically the Costco version of the company’s rolling papers. The pack contains 300 square papers, measuring at 1 ¼” which is the standard joint size. The RAW products are made from natural cellulose, meaning your won’t inhale extra weird chemicals when using these for joints.

The Good

A massive supple of rolling papers is ideal for those who like to leave their glassware at home but want something to smoke while on the go. Too, there’s many of us who simply prefer smoking from a joint, even though it tends to waste a little weed with every joint. The RAW products are about as natural as a paper comes – they don’t have additives and there’s virtually no change to the taste of the herb you roll in these papers. Getting a king-sized pack should mean you’re set for a good while, so long as you consume a “moderate” amount of bud.

The Bad

You buy this pack to practice rolling because you’ve always been a glass person but still seem to mess up every other joint.

The Ugly

Watching one of your friends quickly and effectively roll a joint with nothing but their hands and a little baggy of bud.