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Rasta Silicone Wax Container

Rasta Silicone Wax Container

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Heat resistant storage

Silicone wax containers are an ideal dab accessory for both storing and transporting concentrates, such as wax and shatter. Their non-stick, and cost effective, benefits have made them an essential for members of the 420 and 710 communities. Silicone acts as a wonderful insulating material, maintaining the cohesion of your concentrates, as well as ensuring they are not exposed to excessive heat prior to consumption, while the slick surface ensures no residue or waste is left behind. Our Rasta design features the classic red, green, and gold colors with a hollow half dome area and 4 small pegs that keep the lid from falling off. Keep your product safe in the best container science could create and get a silicone wax container today.

📌2”x 2” Silicone Concentrate Container

📌 Non Stick

📌 Heat Resistant Storage

📌 Perfect For Transporting

Reach a higher state of mind in Rastafarian style with this traditional tri-colored Rasta Silicone Wax Container.

Praise Jah with this dab container today!

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Rasta Silicone Wax Container

Full close up shot of closed square rasta-themed wax container in red, yellow and green color swirls