Portable Glass Bubbler - 4"

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The Portable Glass Bubbler is a small 4" device that provides filtration during herb smoking sessions while on the go. This bubbler allows you to reproduce the diminished harshness effect furnished by a bong or water pipe but in a compact design. It comes in four colors: orange, white, red, and yellow.

The Good

The nice part about hanging out at home is the inherent ability to use any of your beloved possessions at will. You can pet the cat when it’s not hiding. You can cook a meal on your stove. You can take a rip off a wicked bong that may have cost an entire paycheck. Adding water into the mix makes a big difference but it’s not always feasible while on the go. If you’re careful with this piece, you can keep a small amount of water inside which allows moderate tokes to emulate the same peaceful experience you get from a bong.

The Bad

You want a cooling hit before you get out of your car but forgot the water bottle you planned to use to fill the reservoir.

The Ugly

You’ve been keeping the same dirty water in the pipe and it spills into a cupholder during an unexpected stop while in your friend’s car.