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Stylish Pika Metal Dab Tool

Stylish Pika Metal Dab Tool

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The Stylish Pika Metal Dab Tool features the Pokémon universe’s most popular creature atop a stainless-steel tool, designed to help with rationing out and utilizing concentrates. Two ergonomic gripping points help prevent the tool from slipping while the sharp end aides in breaking up various forms of dabs.

 The Good

Pikachu is certainly no stranger to style, as we first began to see in the original Super Smash Bros. Today, we see Pikachu wearing articles of clothing in various illustrations, donning apparel as a plush toy, and as a special skin in the Sun and Moon games for the 3DS as well as in Pokémon Go. Pikachu is adorable and of course, doesn’t need a hat or bandana for his neck. Then again, that doesn’t stop some of us from buying clothing for our pets. This tool shows a cool but humble Pikachu who seems to have an affinity for a buzz aside from the electrical kind it’s known to generate. Admit it: if you had a Pikachu in the real world, you’d probably want to dress it up.

The Bad

Having a great scarf, hat, and glove combination then losing one of the gloves.

The Ugly

Buying your dog a bandanna and watching them freak out and look miserable, despite it looking adorable.

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Stylish Pika Metal Dab Tool

Handy steel dab tool smoking accessory textured middle part for easy grip with cute Pikachu on Pokeball design on handle