Poke Master Box Set

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The Pokemon Box Set is a fan fave for both herb and wax connoisseurs as it is not only equipped with a quartz banger, but also a bowl piece, allowing you to enjoy cannabis in whichever way you prefer.

Poke Bong - This 6 inch glass bong is the perfect size to quickly hit mid battle.

Pika Grinder - This 40mm Pika Grinder lets you grind in style, and it always by your side, just as Pikachu is.

Eevee Dab Tool - This metal dab tool is a much needed set accessory to pair with your pokeball wax container.

Wax Container - Pokeballs aren’t just for Pokemon anymore! This small oil container is perfect for the stoner on the go, as it will safely store in your pocket, just as pokeballs do, but holding a different kind of treasure.

Banger - A perfect fit for this bong, this 14mm quartz banger is exactly the high quality add on you need to get your wax on.

Bowl - For when you just want to pass the herb, this 14mm glass bowl will hold the perfect amount.