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Poke Master Box Set

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Become the ultimate dab session master with our Poke Master Box set which includes a Pokeball silicone wax container, Pokeball herb grinder, Pokemon dab tool (gotta catch em all), and Poke ball themed 6 “ bong with banger and bowl piece.

DAB RIG READY – Includes Wax/Oil Case and Dab Tool

BANGER & BOWL – Switch Between Herb and Oil

POKE MASTER – Themed Set for Poke Fans

POKE PERC – Smooth Hits

NO SPLASH – Built in Splash Guard



We include a silicone wax and oil case. Wax and oil doesn’t stick to silicone so you can ensure you’re not losing your wax/oil or causing a mess. The dab tool will help with putting your oil or wax in your banger.


There is a 14mm quartz banger for a good dab session, plus a 14mm bowl piece for straight herb and a classic smoke sesh.


This set makes a great gift for any Pokemon fans in your life (including yourself!). 


The Bong’s downstem features a red, white and black colored glass ball perc to diffuse your smoke or vapor through water. The ball perc looks just like a pokeball.


A built-in red splash guard mouth opening will protect your lips from dirty water or unwanted particulate.

Not only are all our products priced affordably at increments of 420, but everything gets shipped from our warehouse in LA in discrete yet sturdy packaging.

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