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Pokemaster Bong

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Smooth, Percolated Hits

If you want to be the very best like no one ever was in the art of cannabis consumption, the Pokemaster Bong is for you. With as many strains to try as there are Pokemon to catch, you don’t want to miss out on doing so in style. Crafted from clear high-quality  borosilicate glass, this pokemon-inspired piece features a pokeball percolator in the chamber and red accented mouthpiece. This perc will diffuse smoke, while the water filled chamber filters out any unwanted ash and debris. The angled neck reduces the chance of splashback, and the fixed downstem features a removable bowl, allowing you to turn this bong into a dab rig with the proper attachments. Simply switch the bowl with a nail of the same size and instantly switch up your smoking options.

👉 Wide, Stable Base

👉 Pokeball Percolator

👉 Smooth, Filtered Hits

👉 Fixed Downstem

👉 Removable Bowl

The wide-bodied base will ensure stability while not in use for easy storage, or leaving on display. With the versatility and unique design of this piece’s features, you can instantly step up your smoking game with one purchase!

Pokebong! Gotta smoke ‘em all, and you’ve gotta get your hands on a Pokemaster Bong today!