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Pink Cartoon Bong - 7.5in

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Add some fun graffiti style cartoons to this awesome stereo matrix percolator 7.5” Pink Cartoon Bong made of colored borosilicate glass.

🌸 STEREO MATRIX PERC – Superior Filtration & Bubbles

🌸 BOWL & BANGER – Choose from Oil or Herb

🌸 PRETTY IN PINK – Pink Glass Base & Mouth

🌸 PINK ASH CATCHER– Catch Ash or Oil

🌸 NO SPLASH – Built in Splash Guard



This stereo matrix percolator is one of the most effective percolators there is. It takes a big breath to draw all the bubbles you can, but it’s more than worth it by providing unparalleled diffusion, filtration and giant rips.


Included is a 14mm transparent quartz banger. You can also swap it with the included 14mm pink bowl.


The sturdy thick wobble resistant base, the mouth opening, the ash catcher and herb bowl piece are all high quality pink glass. Sometimes pink just makes things better…don’t you think?


Stop ash before it falls into your water and starts making it taste funky. It also works with the banger to stop any oil or wax that bubbles through the banger before it can reach the bong water.


A built-in pink splash guard mouth opening will protect your lips from dirty water or unwanted particulate.

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