Pink Komodo Glass Pipe - 3.5"

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The Pink Komodo Glass Pipe is a short piece, measuring at 3.5” long, with splashes of pink near the mouthpiece and bowl. The bowl includes a few nubs to aide you with holding the piece, meaning it’s perfect to use in between bites of fried chicken or for those with unnaturally sweaty hands.

The Good

Humans have made pink variations for just about everything imaginable so for our species next trick, why not start making pink animals as well? How many times have you been to the pet store, looked at the bunnies, and went home empty handed because there’s no pink option? Our research shows that this is the primary reason most people don’t buy bunnies. Also, think about how many fewer groundhogs you’d run over with your car if those smelly little beasts were pink? The data shows you’d hit at least 15 less, any given summer. Last but not least, why not make one of the most dangerous land animals pink? Komodo dragons kill at least 350,000 people a year so it’s about damn time we put an end to the bloodshed.

The Bad

We’re exaggerating slightly on the Komodo dragon death numbers.

The Ugly

If you want to actually dye your pet’s hair pink, use beet juice and a little food coloring as it’s non-toxic.