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Red Infinity Pipe - 4.5in

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Material: Glass
Length: 4.5"
Style: Hand Pipe

The Pink Infinity Glass Pipe measures at 4.5” in length and features an infinity symbol in the handle. This special piece has a bit of pink striped throughout the bowl and handle to add a more substance to this already meaningful concept.

The Good

Between the pink and infinity symbol, a bit of inspiration struck us, serving as a catalyst to write a new movie script called Barbie: Pink and Stoned Forever.In this coming of age feature, Barbie decides to stray from her well-manicured, materialist lifestyle and venture off the beaten path after she meets a crew of stoners during a hike who offer her weed and she says, “Yes.” She decides to dread her hair and replace her wardrobe with comfy hemp clothing after donating most of her belongings to local shelters. She meets a resourceful guy named Jonathan, they fall in love, then build a sustainable home, powered by clean energy off the grid near the mountains in Colorado. She works a couple days a week as a tattoo artist and the two run a stand at a local farmers market, selling homemade goods, when they’re not making YouTube videos covering Ben Folds, The Fray, and old-school Outkast.

The Bad

Too bad this will never happen.

The Ugly

Well, it could, but Mattel doesn’t have the guts.