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Pink Getta Grip Rasta Pipe - 4in

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The Pink Getta Grip Rasta Glass Pipe is 4” in length and looks a lot like the Getta Grip Rasta Glass Pipe, except, well, it has pink in the mix. The eerie similarity in design was indeed done on purpose, simply to add a bit of pink flair to this functional yet portable piece.

The Good

Do Rasta colors look better with a little pink? Sure. Should we insist that every product on the market, from trash bags to Kias, have a pink option? Absolutely. Just add pink to something and suddenly, it becomes significant. Plus, it’s a great color. Not to mention, it’s great for a laugh if you follow these simple instructions. The next time a vigilantly conservative couple throws a birthday party for their little boy, bring a pink toy to be opened first and an inexpensive makeup kit to be opened afterward. Outrage will begin to build up after the first toy is opened so timing is critical since you must lean in as soon as the makeup is opened, and whisper to the father, “Best to start embracing it now.”

The Bad

Fist fights at a child's birthday party is why some of us leave the Midwest.

The Ugly

If you really do this, don’t forget to bring to toy the child will actually enjoy or you’re an asshole.