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Pink Gem Bong - 11in

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A gem like you deserves a gem like this. The Pink Gem Bong is a percolated beaker that is not only cute enough to be a centerpiece of its own, it's extremely effective at giving you big yet smooth and filtered hits. This bong's built-in downstem ends in a circ perc that's crowned with a decorative pink orb, which together look almost like a crystal jellyfish.

πŸ’— PRETTY IN PINK - Pink Accents on Mouthpiece, Base, Perc, and Joint

πŸ’— PERCOLATOR BONG - Sweet and Filtered Hits

πŸ’— BEAKER STYLE - Bigger, Better Rips

πŸ’— BUILT-IN DOWNSTEM - Fewer Loose Pieces

πŸ’— HIGH QUALITY - Heat-Safe Scientific Borosilicate Glass

πŸ’— TABLE STABLE - Sturdy Base

πŸ’— NO SPLASH - Built-In Splash Guards

πŸ’— IDEAL SIZE - 11" Height and 14oz Weight

As the perc works to create massively chuggy bubbling action in the base of your beaker, you just wait until your hit grows big enough and then pull it right in, just like any other beaker. The pair of splashguards on the chamber neck will protect your mouth from nasty bongwater flavors.Β 

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