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Pink Duet

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Matching pink glass pipe and bubbler set.

From Britney & Madonna to Beyonce & Gaga, everybody knows that two is better than one. If you want a matching set of high quality smoking accessories to share with your best friend, the Pink Duet is the perfect gift for you and your favorite smoking buddy. The bubbler is a portable way to get smooth and bong-like filtered hits, while the pipe is an easy-to-use classic spoon.

🎀 CUTE AF - Swirling Pink Ribbons!

🎀 MATCHING SET - One Bubbler and One Classic Glass Spoon Hand Pipe!

🎀 HAMMERED BUBBLER - Stands Up on Flat Surfaces

🎀 HIGH QUALITY - Handblown Heat-Stable Borosilicate Glass

🎀 LIGHTWEIGHT - 6.5oz Weight

The bubbler’s Sherlock stem prevents splashback from getting in your mouth, and keeps your eyes away from the smoke source so you won’t have to reapply that perfect eyeliner wing. It also has a hammer-style bottom which means it’s flat enough to stand up on your coffee table without spilling ash and water.

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