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Phatty Dab Rig - 9in

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Dual chambered, turbine percolator

This dab rig is P-H-A-T and delivers powerful hits that match its name. This dual chambered piece is made of clear, durable, high-quality borosilicate glass and comes equipped with a frosted mouthpiece and frosted female joint. Its central stem features a turbine percolator which produces a stunning whirlpool visual with every hit. These percolators achieve their cyclone effect by way of the various angled slits, which also acts as a splash guard, as only a finite amount of water is able to travel through them.

👌 9" Tall

👌 Turbine Percolator

👌 Dual Chambered

👌 Top Quality Borosilicate Glass

This percolator won’t overly diffuse your smoke, allowing you to enjoy the full bodied flavor of your concentrates and/or flower. Guaranteed to impress, you and your friends will love watching the tornado effect created as you take a pull. Use colder water for an even smoother hit, as it will reduce harshness by additionally cooling the smoke before it reaches your lungs.

You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. This piece will have you clicking your heels and wishing you were home just so you can put it to use! Add one to your collection today!