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Outer Dimensional Bong Coaster

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The Outer Dimensional Bong Coaster is a coaster specifically designed for your bongs. Instead of the iconic flask, you can see’s he’s switched his medicine to something a bit more natural by taking a rip from a bong.

The Good

This, this, this isn’t a regular coaster, Morty! It’s been specifically designed – you can’t, you can’t just set any URP thing on it. If you don’t put a bong on it, terrible – TERRIBLE – things happen, Morty! Last time, I had to repair a rift in the galaxy after a bunch of F@%*#(@& space worms moseyed on over from the Andromeda galaxy. Do you, do-do you know what it takes to beat space worms, Morty? I just want you to remember, nothing URP is at it seems.

Long story short: it’s a coaster. Mostly for bongs.

The Bad

You could use a regular coaster for your bong.

The Ugly

Rick’s caveat for Morty was correct. Your friend Steph sets her beer down on the coaster then savage aliens suddenly appear in your home and you have no portal gun to escape to another reality.