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Mushroom Glass Carb Cap

Mushroom Glass Carb Cap

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The Mushroom Glass Carb Cap is a small device to aid with your low-temp dabbing experiences. It comes in various colors and is designed to work universally with most bangers and nails. The stem of the mushroom serves as the handle, so you won’t burn your hand in the process.

The Good

The mushroom is a symbol for the weird, widely embraced in different yet, overlapping subcultures. Someday, we all hope these fun little guys will become “ok” and held in the same light as herb but until then, there are great concentrates available at just about every head shop. The round design of the mushroom cap enables these carb caps to easily fit and seal bangers or nails. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which color to buy.

The Bad

No, you can’t eat it. Yes, it is a little trippy to look at.

The Ugly

You – “Where’d my carb cap go?

Them – “I don’t know man. By the way, that mushroom tasted funny.”

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Mushroom Glass Carb Cap

Blue Cute pocket-friendly carb cap made of glass with a mushroom shape design with bumps for traction
Mushroom Glass Carb Cap Yellow