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Marley Metal Herb Grinder - 4 Parts

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The Mini Marley Metal Grinder is small grinder at 2” in diameter and contains a total of 4 pieces. The interlocking pegs shred bud in the grinding chamber which is collected in the next chamber down while the bottom-most chamber catches precious kief.

The Good

When you look at this piece, one thing comes to mind: Bob Marley would have been a great addition to the Transformer movies. Instead of that whole ordeal with the drama between the Autobots, Deceptitcons, Shia LaBeouf, and the rest of the kids who made appearances, the movie would have ended shortly after the appearance of the Bob Marley Transformer. The Deceptitcons show up and try to screw things up then a bright light appears in the sky. Through a cloud on some dank smoke, a massive grinder plummets toward the Earth. Soon after it lands, the metal components twist around to form Mecha Bob Marley. He fires up a robo-blunt, pulls out a giant green Gibson, and sings songs telling us all to just chill out.

The Bad

Mark Wahlberg wouldn’t have had a shot to be one of protagonists in the series.

The Ugly

At least he could have paired up with Will Ferrell for another comedic police duo.